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Custom Patches as a form of identification

Custom made embroidered patches no longer serve only as fabric designs. Today they are used for many other purposes aside from military identification. Patches are now being created by embroidering companies in order to serve identification purposes for many different organizations, such as for motorcycle clubs, public servants, schools, and many other groups. Many businesses have taken advantage of the fact that many organizations are now requiring the production of these new versions of IDs in bulk and have decided to offer their services to those who need them.


Originally, embroidered patches were used by the military in order to make it easier for them to identify which men were theirs and which were not. This proved to be very effective in the United States army, and soon it became a generally used form of identification in the military forces of other countries, such as in Europe and in South America.

The patch designs normally varied depending on the position of the person with the patch in the military.

In addition, aside from denoting someone’s military rank, the patch was also used to denote the mission that the soldier was undertaking.
Other government organizations with the same structure used these embroideries for their own purposes, such as the fire department and the police force.

Eventually, these Patches caught the attention of the everyday people, and they realized that they too can use these embroideries for their own purposes. Soon, not only the military was making use of these for their identification needs, but families, church groups, small companies, and even simple events were being marked through these embroideries.

Athletes also use the embroidered patch in order to identify the team they belonged to. Usually these would be sewn into either clothing or apparel such as caps, jackets, or jerseys.

Embroidered patches have also been part of motorcycle club member gears around the world. The embroideries would be found on the back of the jackets of each member to signify which group they belong to. The designs not only incorporate the actual logo of each group, but sometimes they also incorporate other elements such as the symbolic meaning of the group. They also create a patch in commemoration to their fallen comrades and to certain festivities such as Bike Week where they also put political commentaries in their patch designs.

Probably one of the most notable uses of the custom embroidered patch is with the uniform of the Boy Scouts, Brownies, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts. A patch is given to members in order to signify their accomplishments or achievements in various fields such as arts and crafts, science, academics, charity work, or any outdoor events.

As for the business sector, they use custom embroidered patch in order to promote their products and services. Usually, companies would order the creation of a custom patch which bears the logo of the company, in order to help identify the people who work for the company to members of the public and specifically to their target customers.

With the many uses of the embroidered patch ranging from the military to the business sector, it is obvious that many businesses would find the patch industry to be a great way to make money. Business which offer patch making services have sprung up everywhere since the realization that these embroideries can be used by people outside of the military for their own specific purposes. These business establishments offer clients fast and convenient order placing, while at the same time, provide them with high quality products. Many of these companies even offer doing business online, which makes it even more convenient for their clients.